When looking for opportunities to give, they come often.


We've all been there...

Someone in need comes up to you and asks, 
"Can you spare a dollar?"

And now you’re in that critical “What should I do?” moment. It used to be as simple as reaching in your pocket and giving what you could spare, but now doing the right thing can be a bit tricky. Not all of us carry cash and not all of us know if cash is even the right thing to give.


 That’s why we created  GIVLETS!


 We want to make giving easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.  Now you don’t have to wait until the holidays to get that same feeling you get when you do the right thing. It’s probably the same way Superman feels with the cape, or Wonder Woman with the lasso.

We have done multiple, successful outreach programs for the homeless. Each time we go out we ask, “What can we offer that’s helpful to you?” We’ve put everything they’ve asked for into a care pack that we call a Givlet! We take all of the guesswork out of giving.


 Don’t get me wrong, we feel like we’ve made an impact in the lives of the people we’ve helped but, we realized something, we can only do so much by ourselves. With you and people like you we can affect so many more lives. Signup today and  we’d be like the Justice League, but for giving. 

Simply Give,


TLDR; We want to make giving to the less-fortunate easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


Carefully selected essential items for the less-fortunate. Prepackaged and conveniently bundled so you can simply give. Starting at around $5.99 per Givlet.


A pack of 5 Givlets will arrive at your door! Keep them with you in your car, backpack or tote bag.


When you are looking for opportunities to give, they come frequently. Order 5 Givlets to be delivered to your home monthly or quarterly.


Once you start giving, it will be hard to stop. However, if you are unable to continue to give, we also make it easy to cancel.