When looking for opportunities to give, they come often.
Givlets 5 pack
From $ 29.99

5 thoughtfully curated care kits for the less fortunate. We fit as many essential items as we can into a conveniently-sized package that we call a Givlet!

A box of 5 individually packaged Givlets will be delivered to your home on a MONTHLY or QUARTERLY basis. So next time you see someone who could use a little help, you will know exactly what to do!

*Shipment on the 15th of the month*


Non-perishable nutrition Qty. 1

Pair of socks Qty. 1

High-quality toothbrush Qty. 1

Toothpaste, fresh mint Qty. 1

Moist towelettes for basic hygiene Qty. 3

Lotion, Single Serve Pack Qty. 2

Bandaids, Qty. 2

Soap bar, fresh scent Qty. 1

Deodorant Qty. 1

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